Welcome to the Parkside Condominiums!

The Parkside was constructed in 1897 by Thomas J. Emery's Sons as an upscale apartment building. The design is probably by Joseph G. Steinkamp and his brother Bernard F. Steinkamp. The wooden shingle style is unusual for Cincinnati during that period; most apartment buildings were brick. The Parkside was added the National Register of Historic Places on 2008 February 29. This listing recognizes the special character of The Parkside among "turn-of-the-century" apartment buildings in Cincinnati. The National Register is maintained by the National Park Service. The Registration form gives much more information about the history of the property and its historical significance.

The Parkside was converted to condominiums in 2006. The interior was thoroughly renovated to create 27 modern apartment units. These all have new walls, new wiring, and new plumbing. A Board elected by the unit owners took over the Condominium Owners' Association in September of 2007. All of the units were completed and sold by 2008. The current owners, as represented by their Board, are continuing the renovation of the exterior of the building. Two large sections of deteriorated shingles were replaced during the summer of 2009. The walls of the rear wing were renovated in the fall of 2011. Ongoing projects in 2016 include tuckpointing chimneys, replacing exterior walls and painting.